Seven tips to create a Wonderful website


Seven tips to create a Wonderful website

Seven tips to create a Wonderful website:

These are seven magical pills which help to create a great website so that everyone will visit again and again.

1) User-Friendly

The website should be made, mainly focusing on the ease of usage. It must be a as user-friendly as possible.

2) Information conveying images

It should provide not only good images, but the images also should convey information.

By viewing the image, the user should get an idea about what he/she is going to read.

3) Strong Title

The title of the website should be as simple as possible. The title should be set in a way so that the words used for the title must be common words, generally used in our daily life. Even if a single word of the title matches with search words of the user, there are chances that our page will be displayed on the top of the list.

4) Colors

Though colors are attractive on web pages, different colors have different meanings. Using the wrong color can create a wrong conversation with the users.

Using a default font color along with a default font size and font style makes your website/web page look professional.

5) Grammar

Most of the people are tolerant of spelling errors. You can write a complete error free topic for some of the pages for many years.

But a simple “the” instead of “The” may completely lose the meaning of the sentence and it may lead to miscommunicate the message to the users.

It looks unfair but the quality of writing is disturbed. Basically, a website is judged by the quality of writing, spelling and grammar.

6) Contact information

Many web designers are uncomfortable with contact information on their website, but contact information reminds the users that we are responsible for all the products/services we offer on the company’s website.

This results in, the users being more willing to respect you when they contact. This also generates trust on the company.

By providing an Email-ID/Contact number, we can get feedback from the present clients (can get key points regarding, where we should focus/improve). It can also clear the doubts of the upcoming clients (Chance of converting a stranger to a customer).

7) Updates/Notifications

Every update regarding our business should be uploaded on the company’s website.

That means completion of every project should be updated on the website. This builds a strong brand image for the company.

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