When we search for something in search engine, we get many results in search engine result page(SERP). To get your web page on the first page of the search engine we use two techniques paid results(PPC) and organic results(SEO), To optimize the web pages and rank better in the search engine we do search engine optimization, We use keywords for better optimization.

There are six types of keywords

  1. Generic keywords: One-word keyword is called generic keywords eg. Shirt, Shoe.
  2. Multi-keywords: More than one words is called multi keywords eg. Buy shoe online, tour packages.
  3. Long tale keywords: It normally questions eg: Who is the prime minister of India, who, why, when, where.
  4. Profitable keywords: The keywords which are potential to result in sale or inquiry.
  5. Seasonal keywords: The keywords which are related to promotions and discounts. Eg. Diwali offers
  6. Location based keywords: The keywords which are based on or refers to a particular location are called Location based keywords. Eg. Buy shoe in Delhi, Shopping at Hyderabad.

There are three types of SEO

  • On page
  • Off page and
  • Local SEO

On-page SEO

The activities that we are going to perform on web pages to optimize for the search engine is called on page SEO. On page ranking mostly depends on the quality of content


  1. Title: Title of web pages
  2. Meta tags,Meta keywords,Meta description
  1. Header tags, (h1, h2, h3)
  2. Content of web page


Off-page SEO

It is the score given by Google to web pages on a scale of 1 to 10, I being lowest and 10 is highest.

It mainly depends on

Domain authority, the number of back links and Quality of backlinks.

Local SEO

It is mainly based on local content, local address and creating a Google business page for showing the presence.

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