What is Google AdWords?

The Google AdWords is an advertisement service provided by Google which is largely focused on keywords to advertise their product or service online. Time and display of our advertisement can be planned in this Google platform where audience click the ad only if they want to. This is a path where the reachability is high and budget is low.

Learning modules:

  • How does the Google AdWords work?
  • What are AdWords keywords?
  • What do Google auction and bidding mean?
  • What is the appropriate timing for choosing to display your AdWords campaign?
  • What is the difference between normal advertising and Google AdWords?
  • How does AdWords help in boosting the quality score of your website?
  • What is the device compatibility regarding AdWords campaign?
  • What are the results achieved by choosing AdWords campaign in Google?
  • How does Google AdWords auction work?
  • What is the process which Google crawler ranks a website based on these AdWords campaigns CTR?
  • How does Google determine what you pay based on the CTR?
  • What is ad relevance in AdWords?
  • What is an Ad group in Google AdWords? How do Ad groups work?

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click: It is the amount advertiser pays to Google for the platform provided for advertising or showing them as a result in the organic/inorganic result page for the search of a product or a service by the customer based on the keywords.

Learning modules:

  • How does Google determine the amount we pay for each PPC?
  • What is the role of Google crawler in ranking a web page to show our website?
  • What is the role of bounce rate in determining the PPC of a website?
  • How to improve the conversion rate of the website that majorly affects the PPC paid for Google?
  • How many times is Google auction held for the purchase of keywords?
  • How does Google display network work?
  • CPC Vs. CPM?

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