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Google Analytics

We provide intensive training and certification in Google Analytics, we teach from the basics of analytics the way to use the tools for better results.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks the reports of website traffic, it is the most widely used tool with this we can link our AdWords account by using asynchronous tracking code and we can see the real-time traffic, source from we are getting the traffic, and we can know from which location we are getting the traffic.

By using Google Analytics, we can find which of our campaign is performing better and we can see the conversion rate of each campaign by which we can access the performance of campaigns and add budgets accordingly to each campaign.

With Google analytics, we can get the demographic overview of audience their location, gender, age group, that helps in targeting the audience in a better way and we can know at what time the traffic is more.

By using acquisition tool, we can know the number of sessions, % of new sessions, new users, returning users, bounce rate, average session duration of the users, goal conversion rate, goal completions and the value of the goal.

From all the campaigns, we can know the performance of paid keywords and organic keywords and cost analysis on keywords, which helps in keyword research and finding the best keywords for the site

With the help of Google analytics, we can know the behavior of the site, i.e. site content, site speed, site search. For e-commerce sites, we can know the performance of products, sales performance, transactions, time of purchase of the products.

We can add users to analytics account so that if you work as a team all get accesses to the account and can know the information and can perform their tasks accordingly.

Google Analytics is the most popularly used website statistics service currently 55% of the top 1000 websites use Google Analytics.

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